1.Written statement by the Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office Lord Bridges about the new Commission on Freedom of Information, 17 July 2015.

2. ‘Appeal to the FOI Commission:don’t confuse open data with FOI’, by ODI Policy Lead Ellen Broad, 5 August 2015 where she argues that open data is an important transparency mechanism but open data will never make FOI laws redundant.

3. ‘Setting off alarm bells: The new commission on Freedom of information’ , by Unlock Democracy highlights the financial costs of appealing against the Information Commissioner’s FOI decisions

4. Campaign for FOI – Stop FOI restrictions website , this is a good signpost towards a wide variety of articles, including by the campaign, political parties and press coverage

5. ‘Ministry of Justice monitored over unacceptable delays to Freedom of Information repsonses’ blog article from the Information Commissioner’s Office

6. Text of a paper given by James Elder on the final day of the 2015 ARA Conference, 28 August, in Dublin. It raises questions about archivists’ roles when public officials delete (or do not transfer all) records. 

7.’Does sharing photos of your children on Facebook put them at risk?’ article by Linda Geddes in The Guardian , 21 September 2015, raises issues over digital privacy for children now and in the future

8. FOIman publishes a monthly news round up. This is the blog from September 2015


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