Abstract of presentation to be given by Dr. Agnes Jonker

Making public | Making publics |

Dr. Agnes Jonker, session 2

FOI legislation in The Netherlands dates back to 1980, and is awaiting substantial revision. Several draft revisions have been discussed in the political arena since, and recently a new proposal – an initiative from two political parties – has been submitted to Parliament. Journalists (media) are the main critics of access to information practice under FOI.

The key elements of the current FOI act – active and passive disclosure – and the most notable changes proposed will be explained, followed by the perspective on access and disclosure according to the (third) Archives Act (1995).

Data protection legislation in the Netherlands was introduced in 1989 (Convention 108) and adjusted in 2000 (95/46/EG). The introduction of the latter confused the professional archivist who had only just entered the digital, just opened the windows from reading room to an online world. What kind of privacy is protected by the Dutch Archives Act, compared to the DPL? In the Netherlands the impact of the 2000 data protection law has barely been digested and meanwhile new European regulation is approaching.


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