Dr. David Willcox

david willcox

Dr David Willcox is the Digital Sensitivity Review Lead at The National Archives (TNA). His responsibilities include understanding existing and future options to support UK government departments in reviewing their digital records for sensitive issues that would be exempt from release to the public under the Freedom of Information Act.

David joined the Civil Service in 2009 as a Policy Advisor on Research Council funding at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills before moving into knowledge and information management. In his last role before joining The National Archives David managed a project to procure and implement an open source records management system (Alfresco), which included the data migration of 14 million digital records.

He studied history at the University of Kent and completed a PhD on the Gulf War and Kosovo Crisis in 2004. David taught several undergraduate courses  also at the University of Kent, and worked as a post-doctoral research associate on the history of British chemical and biological warfare experiments on humans during the Cold War. David has also worked as a researcher for several organizations including a law firm on the atomic test veterans’ trial.

In addition to his history background David has studied Information and Records Management at Northumbria University, receiving a postgraduate diploma in 2013. He completed his MSc dissertation in 2015 on the selection of enterprise content management software in UK government.


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