FOI Statistics for January- March 2015

As there have been several tweets about statistics for FOI on Twitter in the last few days I have decided to write a quick summary.

The statistics (and charts) are available on the Institute for Government’s website at: 

This article, written by The Whitehall Monitor,  was actually posted on 19 June 2015, although it has been picked up by Twitter in recent days. The Institute for Government is an independent charity which aims to increase government effectiveness. Their website states that they ‘undertake research, provide the highest quality development opportunities for senior decision makers and organise events to invigorate and provide fresh thinking on the issues that really matter to government’.

Several other articles have focused on the fact that the Ministry of Justice have failed to reach their target of answering 85% of requests within 20 working days. From September 1, the Information Commisioner’s Office will begin three months monitoring of the response of the Ministry of Justice to FOI requests. This is probably the major reason for the sudden surge in interest in the Institute for Government’s article. The impending FOI report, evidence for which is being collected this month, has added further fuel.


See also:


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