Professor Jeremy Frey

jeremy frey

Jeremy Frey studied Chemistry at Oxford University followed by a NATO/SERC fellowship at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. In 1984 he became a lecturer at the University of Southampton, where he is now Professor of Physical Chemistry.

His research interests include interfacial spectroscopy, nanoscale laser x-ray scattering and in the application of modern software, notably semantic technologies to improve the way research in chemistry is conducted.  He investigates how e-Science infrastructure supports scientific research with an emphasis on the way digital infrastructure can enhance the intelligent creation, dissemination and analysis of scientific data.

Selected Recent Publications:

Willoughby, Cerys, Bird, Colin, Coles, Simon J. and Frey, Jeremy G. (2014) Creating context for the experiment record. User-defined metadata: investigations into metadata usage in the LabTrove ELN.Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling1-16(doi:10.1021/ci500469f). (PMID:25405258).

Bird, Colin L., Willoughby, Cerys and Frey, Jeremy G. (2013) Laboratory notebooks in the digital era: the role of ELNs in record keeping for chemistry and other sciences. Chemical Society Reviews42(20),8157-8175(doi:10.1039/C3CS60122F). (PMID:23864106).

Coles, Simon J., Whitby, Richard J., Day, A., Willoughby, Cerys, Tkachenko, V., Frey, Jeremy G. and Williams, A.J. (2013) Tablets in the lab: enabling the flow of chemical synthesis data into a chemistry repository. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society

Frey, Jeremy G. and Bird, Colin (2013) Cheminformatics and the Semantic Web: adding value with linked data and enhanced provenance. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Molecular Science,3(5)465-481(doi:10.1002/wcms.1127).

Frey, Jeremy G., Milsted, Andrew, Michaelides, Danius and Roure, David De (2013)MyExperimentalScience, extending the ‘workflow’. [in special issue: eScience 2010 and Euro-Par 2011]Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience25(4)481-496(doi:10.1002/cpe.2922).

Frey, Jeremy G., Coles, Simon, Willoughby, Cerys and Bird, Colin (2013) Data curation issues in the chemical sciences. Information Standards Quarterly25(3)Autumn Issue, 4-12.(doi:10.3789/isqv25no3.2013.02).

Rogers, Edward T.F., Stebbings, Sarah L., de Paula, Ana M., Froud, Christopher A., Praeger, Matthew,Mills, Benjamin, Grant-Jacob, James, Brocklesby, William S. and Frey, Jeremy G. (2012) Spatiotemporal phase-matching in capillary high-harmonic generation. Journal of the Optical Society of America B29,(4)806-812(doi:10.1364/JOSAB.29.000806).

Takeda, K., Earl, G., Frey, J., Keay, S. and Wade, A. (2012) Enhancing research publications using Rich Interactive Narratives. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A: Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences371(1983)20120090-20120090(doi:10.1098/rsta.2012.0090).

Frey, Jeremy, Bird, Colin and Willoughby, Cerys (2013) Human aspects of smart spaces for knowledge transfer. In, Howlett, R.J., Gabrys, B., Musial-Gabrys, K. and Roach, J. (eds.) Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2012. London,

GBSpringer, 19-29. (Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies,18). (doi:10.1007/978-3-642-34219-6_3).

Frey, Jeremy, Bird, Colin and Willoughby, Cerys (2013) Smart meeting spaces for knowledge transfer.In, Howlett, R.J., Gabrys, B., Musial-Gabrys, K. and Roach, J. (eds.) Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2012. London, GBSpringer, 31-38. (Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies18).(doi:10.1007/978-3-642-34219-6_4).

Frey, Jeremy G. (2010) Smart labs for smart people – new ways to collect, curate and share information. In, Tuominen, Kirsi (ed.) Proceedings of VTT 2010 ICSTI’s (International Council for Scientific and Technical Information) Annual Conference 2010: from Information to Innovation. From Information to Innovation ICSTI Annual Conference , International Council for Scientific and Technical Information, 115-132. (VTT Symposium267).

Frey, J.G. (2014) IT as a utility: reality, aspiration or myth. 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud ComputingHilton Hotel, UK08 – 11 Dec 2014.

Frey, Jeremy G. (2014) From open access to intelligently accessible data in Open Notebooks. In, Beyond Open Access, STMLondon, GB05 Dec 2014.

Frey, Jeremy and Borkum, Mark (2014) Nomenclature and terminology – standards for materials and processes. In, Open Science, Open Data and Formulation: Realising the BenefitsLondon, GB,

Frey, Jeremy G. (2014) Digital chemistry. In, ATLAS @ 50Didcot, GB13 – 14 Nov 2014.

Willoughby, Cerys and Frey, Jeremy G. (2014) ELNs for researchers and students: a user perspective on ELNs in academic environments. At EDKM Europe – ELNs, Data Analytics and Knowledge Management Summit 2014Brussels, BE29 Sep – 01 Oct 2014.

Borkum, Mark I. and Frey, Jeremy G. (2014) Automatic completion of COSHH risk assessment forms using semantic representation of GHS and CLP regulation. 10th International Conference on Chemical StructuresNoordwijkerhout, The Netherlands01 – 05 Jun 2014.

Willoughby, Cerys and Frey, Jeremy G. (2014) Knowledge and memory: a study of what students remember about chemistry experiments. At 247th ACS National Meeting & ExpositionDallas, US16 – 20 Mar 2014.

Willoughby, Cerys, Frey, Jeremy G., Coles, Simon J. and Coles , Susanne L. (2014) Generating metadata for an experiment: using a tablet ELN. At 247th ACS National Meeting & ExpositionDallas, US16 – 20 Mar 2014.

Willoughby, Cerys, Frey, Jeremy G., Coles, Simon J. and Bird, Colin (2014) Creating context for the experiment record: user-defined metadata. At 247th ACS National Meeting & ExpositionDallas, US16 – 20 Mar 2014.

Frey, J. (2014) Jisc Digital Festival Panel on The Future of Research: are you ready? In, Jisc Digital FestivalBirmingham, GB11 – 12 Mar 2014.

Bird, Colin, Coles, Simon J., Day, Aileen, Frey, Jeremy G. and Whitby, Richard J. (2014) Extracting data, information, and knowledge from an ELN. In, 247th ACS National Meeting & Exposition , Dallas, US16 – 20 Mar 2014.

Brewer, Stephen and Frey, Jeremy (2014) Personal propensity profile for risk: me and my digital aura – P3fR. In, 7th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM ’14)New York City, US24 – 28 Feb 2014. 4pp.

Frey, Jeremy G. (2014) Research data management. In, 9th International Digital Curation Conference,San Francisco, US24 – 27 Feb 2014. 7pp.

Frey, Jeremy G., Coles, Simon J., Bird, Colin L., Milsted, Andrew J. and Robinson, John (2014) Sample management with the LabTrove ELN. In, Conference

Parsons, A.D., Chapman, R.T., Mills, B., Bajt, S., Frey, J.G. and Brocklesby, W.S. (2013) Temporal coherence effects on coherent diffractive imaging of a binary sample by a high harmonic source. In, 18th International Conference on

Ultrafast Phenomena , Lausanne, CH08 – 13 Jul 2013.

Willoughby, Cerys, Frey, Jeremy G., Tonkin, Emma, Coles, Simon J. and Bird, Colin Leonard (2013) User perspectives of metadata use in electronic laboratory notebooks. At Research Data Access & Preservation Summit (RDAP1)Baltimore, US04 – 05 Apr 2013.

Frey, Jeremy (2013) Science ajar: how e-science can help (more) open science. In, SPRU Seminar SeriesBrighton, GB,

Frey, Jeremy G., Milsted, Andrew J., Coles, Simon J., Bird, Colin Leonard, Neylon, Cameron and Todd, Matthew (2013) Towards a global open scientific notebook infrastructure. At Research Data Access & Preservation Summit (RDAP13)Baltimore, US04 – 05 Apr 2013.


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